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So I decided to make a playlist for your chillout experience on the lovely 8tracks platform. Check it out, feel free to leave comments on how I can improve. Enjoy the chill.

Purple Piste Chill from Niyi-Juwon on 8tracks Radio.



POE is a great rapper. You should go and see POE perform at this event.

Event is at Dalston Roof Park.


The FADER recently shared this video of Sampha performing this song off his new untitled album. As with Sampha, great haunting vocals and songwriting. Be sure to checkout the indepth interview FADER conducted with Sampha.


Palo has just announced the details for his 32 date Saint Pablo Tour on his website with live links to purchase tickets for your respective city in the US. Fear not my UK degenerates for Lord Pablo has not blessed us yet with dates. For now you can continue to refresh your webpage frantically to see when the tour comes to London.

Mojeed - Ko Shi Lo

Mojeed Babab ratchets up the anticipation for his newest single by unveiling the album art on the Gram. Song is produced by Drill Meister and will be the first single of the coming Westernized by Default EP. Shall update this post as soon as the song is released.

I used to geek on Nelly Furtado. I still do.

This is what happens when your grush and one of your top ten artistes come together, they spin this beautiful web of neutrons which collide in your brain and causes a lots of joy faster than the actual Hadon Collider actually doing anything remotely useful with whatever it does.

Press PLAY
And if you really want to know what the Hadron Collider actually does