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I will let The Very Best explain the idea behind their latest visual off their new album of the same name “Makes A King” below…

The title track from The Very Best’s latest album Makes A King, out now –

Featuring Ethiopia Skate, started two years ago by a peer group of young skaters, led by then 16 year old Abenezer Temesgen, who shared only 7 boards between 25 youth in Ethiopia’s capitol, Addis Ababa. With time they connected with older skateboarders Addisu Hailemichael, Buzeyo Julien, and Yared Aya who each brought their neighborhood crews to the mix- creating a citywide network of youth interested in skating. With no place to buy skateboards, the crew created the beginnings of a skateboard scene and start a community organization to support it.

American photographer Sean Stromsoe documented this process by taking photos and making videos to inspire the movement. Since then, Ethiopia Skate has been able to get over 100 kids skateboarding with boards donated from Austria and America. They use Instagram to connect with various skaters and travelers, even getting the attention of CNN- who did a story on the movement in 2014.

In a place where there are no proper skate spots, this generation shows how to make do with what you have- power sliding down steep hills in the Piassa district or dropping in on their homemade mini ramp. They aim to buildEthiopia’s first public skatepark and spark a movement that lasts long into the future.

Shot & edited by Sean Stromsoe
Produced by Ethiopia Skate


Being waiting patiently on this one and as is the norm, this dropped out nowhere. Imagine that, “surprise” is the new norm. Back to the matter at hand, the excitement right now is crazy.


New from the One Nation records artiste. Produced by Young D


The three siblings drop a visual earlier in the year for Co-Pilot and Better Than You. Need to hear more from them, they have some good stuff going here.


The Taylor gang duo have a joint EP called Talk About It In The Morning
dropping later this month.

I see the culture has moved into the 90s No Limit album cover style era. I hope this is a oneoff. Either way, quite excited about this to drop.

Happy Friday folks.

Been tracking TCVVX for a hot minute since he dropped Clocks last year. His voice is really beautiful with his own unique rnb style. Perfect Friday song.

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Ikey – Olodo

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It is 3.39am. Just jumped in bed after a heavy Thursday night at XOYO courtesy of a heavy night of deejaying. thank you Siobhan Bell for a hard night. What has this got to do with Ikey I hear you ask. Well I should ideally sleep as I have tobe up for work in 3 hours but I thought Ikey’s stuff was soo good I just had to post it tonight. Not in the morning, but tonight. No olodos here. Interesting track from Ikey. Peep the visuals below.

Ikey dropped a new track recently called Lord which is dope as well. Make sure you check out his soundcloud page for his other tracks. I definitely look forward to more from Ikey.

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