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Palo has just announced the details for his 32 date Saint Pablo Tour on his website with live links to purchase tickets for your respective city in the US. Fear not my UK degenerates for Lord Pablo has not blessed us yet with dates. For now you can continue to refresh your webpage frantically to see when the tour comes to London.

Mojeed - Ko Shi Lo

Mojeed Babab ratchets up the anticipation for his newest single by unveiling the album art on the Gram. Song is produced by Drill Meister and will be the first single of the coming Westernized by Default EP. Shall update this post as soon as the song is released.

I used to geek on Nelly Furtado. I still do.

This is what happens when your grush and one of your top ten artistes come together, they spin this beautiful web of neutrons which collide in your brain and causes a lots of joy faster than the actual Hadon Collider actually doing anything remotely useful with whatever it does.

Press PLAY
And if you really want to know what the Hadron Collider actually does

Oyinda - Restless Minds

The Londoner just dropped her new EP titled Restless Minds on her Blood & Honey Records label. Beautiful song writing and lyrics. Check it out now
Oyinda Soundcloud

Tweet Oyinda

Mojeed just sent fans into a frenzy with his latest tweet. New music out in 7 days. Oshe.


Blood Orange - Freetown Sound

Devonte set the twittersphere alight when he dropped the album art for his coming third album which is called FREETOWN SOUND.

In typical Dev fashion, he has given us what can be termed in the simplest mind of minds as WTF and in the most brilliant Newtonian minds as yup…WTF. I cannot even start to decipher what the cover symbolises apart from the simple explanation that is when this album drops there will be a lot of baby making music on it and you and your other half shall invariably be in that sexy position as depicted on the cover art by the models. Brilliant!

Find out more about the album here – FREETOWN SOUND.

Match T-Shirt


Been a while since I did a fashion post. I have been going through a t shirt phase. Travis Scott just released some lovely merchandise and this Match T-Shirt is one of them.