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Spotted this book in the Evening Standard (Thursday 20th of March edition). Shall be checking it out. The premise of the story is sadly a regular occurrence that’s been going down for the last couple of years since 419 became rampant. Will definitely give this book a go.

Fantastic movie.

Cordovan Tanino

<Picture from Buttero Facebook page.>
If there existed such a place as shoe heaven, then this beautiful kick will without a shadow of doubt reside comfortably there and will never have to witness Miley Cyrus twerk. This is shoe wet dream. Another fantastic offering from Buttero.


I believe it was either late January or early February that I got a last minute phone call to come and check out this young Nigerian kid who has been making a bit of noise here and there and is actually a good rapper. Lately I have been a bit sceptical when I approach these type of artists because I fear their hype to be a product of their ass kissing friends and friends of friends. But homie @headphones91 was quite adamant it wasn’t the case here and that this kid actually was dope. So off I shoot, navigation redirected to go listen to Shane Chubbz perform at his EP launch at the Sanctuary hotel.
The sight was the usual, kids dressed straight out of the ASAP Rocky lookbook complete with their crews -this is the rich young Nigerian hipster crowd, at which point I was already giving @headphones91 the side eye. The oud was already hanging heavy in the air. That being said, I waited patiently for Chubbz to take the stage.
Chubbz finally took the stage despite a few technical glitches. The few performances he was able to squeeze out was good enough to pique my interest. Maybe @headphones91 was right about this kid. I grab the Chubbziano EP which came on a USB stick that was given out, niceeee, I’m impressed.
I’m glad I took the risk, the performance at the album launch might have put some folks off but after taking the EP with me and listening to it several times on my journey to work, home, and in the car, I have to say this is one kid with serious potential. Chubbz is obviously one well versed with the rich life so do not expect lyrics of how he grew up poor. No this kid raps in a gritty smooth way about wealth that makes you want to smash that patek phillipe on your wrist, run to your personal dealer and pick up another and grab a yacht and zonda on the way back to the crib to continue listening to the tape. Yes that type of feeling. That being said, the Chubbziano EP isn’t all boastful and fancy life antics, Shane Chubbz also takes the opportunity to show he is capable of rapping about real life subjects and get a bit deep at least within his world.
The EP is short and punchy with an excellently curated 7 track list that shows Shane Chubbz isn’t a one way luxury rapping pony. It will be lazy of me to say he sounds and almost arguably raps like biggie and tell you to listen to tape based on that. Quite frankly that will be doing Shane Chubbz a huge disservice. Shane Chubbz is an artist with serious potential who has definitely been honing his craft over time. While Shane Chubbz still has a good way to go and can definitely make an impact on the international rap game, this is a sonically beautiful grand start to the game and I look forward to his next offering. #FOREIGN


Koos Van Den Akker

Today I picked up the above vinyl from a charity shop which made me happy. But looking at that killer Koos Van Den Akker jumper that Keith Sweat is rocking on the front cover got me all kinds of upset. I am constantly on the lookout for a Koos Van Den Akker jumper and so far nada. All I keep finding are the wannabe vintage style jumper but not an actual KVDA. All I have are the burning memories from the Cosby show and how Bill Cosby rocked mean custom made Van Den Akker sweaters. The search continues.

A vintage sweater by Koos Van Den Akker from The Cosby show.
KVDA Sweater
Photograph by Richard Koek, [Source: Koos Van Den Akker Facebook]

One of the multitude of outstanding cuts on Jermaine’s sophomore effort gets the visual treatment.

The beautiful Kaline serves up a smouldering ode to her lover (Ololufemi is lover in the Yoruba language). It isn’t too late to sneak this into your Valentine’s day playlist. A beautiful voice set to a wonderfully arranged backing instrumental makes this song an absolute joy to listen to. Hit play below and enjoy this beautiful piece.

Here is Kanye ‘s twitter marking the ten year anniversary of College Dropout.



Air Yeezy Red October

Don’t worry, if you have a couple of million lying around with nothing better to do like say…jeez doing some push ups in a bank account somewhere gaining some serious interest then there is currently a bid running for a pair of Yeezy Red October and the bid currently sits on £10 million at the moment with 5 days to go. Obviously, these are troll bids but it just goes to show the level of frustration felt by genuine folks out there who want to actually wear these. Dear Nike, this is not a badge of honor on how popular your kicks are. Your silly release schemes are crap. Phew vent over.I actually wanted a pair of the Red Octobers. I do think they are nice. Probably my favourite out of the whole line Yeezy did for Nike.
On an even sillier note, if you are so pissed about missing the Nike tweet whisper on the online release of the Red October yesterday and you really really really need a pair in your life, then you can cop a pair from The Fancy at a measly $10,000. An absolute bargain if you ask me compared to £10 million.

Loving this joint right now. Pharrell is on a roll this year and I am willing to let his “rap” go on this track.
Sidebar: this is just a song, do not carry out whatever silly message is contained within this song. Again Do NOT move that dope. I repeat do NOT move that dope for you simple Simons.