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Asa – Bibanke Outta town Remix

To those who wanted an Asa track, sorry for the delay. Here is a very interesting remix of Bibanke. For those who have the album, you would recognise Bibanke as the 3rd track on the album. Its been added to the side player if you want to just listen.

Download – Asa – Bibanke (outta town remix)

“I want my music to touch people. As an African, I want to give hope back to my people, but also to speak in their name. I want to show the world that something beautiful and positive can come out of the black continent and inspire young people all over the world.”…Asa

Her album has been out and selling well. You can buy the album from at just £8.95. If £8.95 is steep or u just cannot be bothered to wait for the postage, then you can buy the digital download of the album for £6.95 from Asa’s album was my first digi buy, felt really cool lol.

– Catch Asa in London on the 12th of May 2008 performing at the Islington academy. Tickets £9. Check her myspace for more details.

Thanks to S.O for the sending this remix
Photo from Asa’s website, taken by Benoit Peverelli

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  1. Anonymous said:

    Hey, I love your site. It keeps me well updated to my naija tunes with a twist. But can you upload the asa bibanke remix again? It is no longer downloadable..thank you!

  2. Anonymous said:

    Dint know where to post this…but: same ni is dj zee’s song. 9ice and dem lots just on d remix. d vids on u tube. love ur blog!

  3. Mr Starks said:

    Anon 1, thank for the complement. Glad you like it. I have updated the link so it works perfectly now. Do let me know if you have anymore problems.

    Thanks so much for the update Anon 2. Shall update my write up on it.

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